About Us

Stacey knows that being a great hairstylist means consistently educating herself with technique as well as fashion. She says, "there will always be more to learn; you can never have too much education."

Stacey has had the privilege of personally studying under world renowned hairstylists such as Global Master of the Arts, Carmen Cutrona and celebrity-stylist Ted Gibson whose clientele includes Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, and Ashley Greene.

With a confident, artistic eye, Stacey creates a look for her clients that not only compliments their physicalities but personal style as well. She is passionate about her profession… about wanting people to feel confident. She has the ability to transform a client's desire for a style into life. At the same time, she educates clients about maintaining that style without their spending a lot of time re-creating it at home.

Stacey loves her profession. Her passion is evident from the moment you sit in her chair. "I love my work--I love styling hair! It gives me so much joy in life when I can give people the hair they didn't think they could have. One of the best things about my work is that my clients are also friends. I feel so privileged to fulfill my passion while also hanging out with friends." She provides an enjoyable experience completed with happy and satisfied clients.


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